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Marianne Mader

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Thesis Title

Mistastin Impact Structure as a Lunar Analogue Site

Recent Abstracts

Conference Presentations & Abstracts

Mader, M.  Antonenko, I.,  Osinski, G.,  Battler, M.,  Beauchamp, M.,  Cupelli, L.,  Chanou, A.,  Francis, R.,  Marion, C., McCullough, E., Preston, L., Shankar, B., Unrau, T., Veillette, D. (2011) Optimizing lunar sample return: Lessons learned from a robotic precursor lunar analogue mission at the Mistastin Lake impact structure, Labrador, Canada.  The Importance of Solar System Sample Return Missions to the Future of Planetary Science Workshop, Houston, TX.

Mader, M., Osinski, G., Marion C. (2011) Impact ejecta at the Mistastin Lake impact structure, Labrador, Canada. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX.

Mader,M., Thomson, L. (2010) Exploring other worlds by exploring our own. Science Teacher’s Association of Ontario (STAO) conference, Toronto, ON, Canada

M. Mader, G. Osinski, C. Marion, R. Dammeier, B. Shankar, P. Sylvester (2010) Mistastin impact structure, Labrador: A geological analogue for lunar highland craters, Nördlingen 2010: The Ries Crater, the Moon, and the Future of Human Space Exploration, International Workshop.

M. Mader, G.Osinski, C. Marion, P.Sylvester (2010) Mistastin Lake Crater, Labrador, as a Lunar Analogue Site, GeoCanada 2010 Conference, Calgary, AB.

Mader, M. (2010) Terrestrial analogue activities. International Space University symposium, Strasbourg, France.

M. Mader, G. Osinski (2009) Terrestrial geological field methods and their potential applications to lunar exploration strategies, NASA Lunar Science Institute Forum, NASA Ames, Moffet Field, CA.

Mader, M. (2008) Using analogue missions to develop lunar exploration strategies, Young Lunar Explorers event, LEAG-ICEUM-SRR conference, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.

Mader, M., Lacelle, D. (2008) Mineralogical investigation at Canadian Analogue Research Sites (CARN) using a portable Raman spectrometer, Atlantic Geoscience Society Colloquium, Dartmouth, NS, Canada.

Bentz, N., Eren, A., Fortunato, A., Mader, M., Raisinghani, H., Wierus, M. (2007) Space Tools supporting Archaeological Research and Tasks. International Space University live webcast.

Sylvester , P.J.,  Mader, M., and Myers, J.S. (2006) Ultramafic alkaline magmas (meymechites) from the mid-Archean Ivisartoq greenstone belt, Southwest Greenland, Abstract for V.M. Goldschmidt Conference, S5-07.

Mader, M., Sylvester, P.J., Myers, J.S. (2005) Juxtaposed oceanic and continental basalts in the mid-Archean Ivisârtoq greenstone belt, Godthåbsfjord region, southwest Greenland, GAC-MAC conference, Halifax, NS, Canada.

Mader, M. (2005) The Ivisârtoq Greenstone Belt, SW Greenland, Advances in Earth Sciences Research Conference: Planetary Geology & the Early Earth, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Mader, M. (2004) The Ivisârtoq Greenstone Belt, SW Greenland: New Investigations, Eos Transactions AGU, 85: 17, Joint Assembly Supplement, V23D-05.

Non-refereed contributions

Mader, M. (2007) Mineralogical investigation of Canadian Mars analogue sites: Focus on the use of a portable Raman spectrometer, Government of Canada publication: Canadian Space Agency, 60 p. (Report).

Abd El Hamed, N., Alabart Lopez, X., Bentz, N., Chim, R., Cornwall, M., Eren, A., Fortunato, A., Kutil, M., Mader, M., Moon, S.,  Nam, C., Ogunade, I., Porcaro, N., Raisinghani, H., Richardson, J., Schmuck, S., Seeni, A., Valderrama, G., Wierus, M., and Zambrano-Marin, L. (2007) Space Tools supporting Archeological Research and Tasks, International Space University publication, 150 p. (Report, authors in alphabetical order).

Mader, M. (2005) From Genesis to Juxtaposition: The evolution of the Ivisârtoq Greenstone Belt, SW Greenland, M.Sc. Thesis, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 200 p. (M.Sc. Thesis).

Mader, M. and Crowley, J. (2001) Investigation of gold occurrences, SW Greenland, Greenland Geological Survey, 52 p. (Report).

Degrees Obtained

Degrees Obtained

M.Sc. Space Studies
International Space University (ISU)

Internship Report: Mineralogical investigation of Canadian Mars analogue sites: Focus on the use of a portable Raman spectrometer.

M.Sc. Earth Sciences
Memorial University of Newfoundland

Thesis title: From Genesis to Juxtaposition: The Evolution of the Ivisârtoq Greenstone Belt, SW Greenland.

B.Sc. Honours, Geology
University of New Brunswick

Thesis title: Structural Mapping and Petrographical Study of Slate Bay, Red Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario.

Awards & Scholarships

Awards & Scholarships

2011 AGU Fall Meeting Student Travel Grant Award

2011 Lunar Planetary Institute Early Career Development Award

2010 Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) Award

2009 Western Graduate Scholarship (Science)

2009 NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS-D)

2007 European Space Agency, ISU Scholarship

 2003 Dr. Alfred K. Snelgrove Graduate Scholarship in Earth Sciences, MUN

2003 NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS-M)

2002 Memorial University Postgraduate Research Grant