Job Title: CPSX Member

Denise Anders

M.Sc. Geology/Planetary Science

Michael Craig

M.Sc. Geology/Planetary Science Co-Supervised with Dr. Robert Flemming

Raymond Francis

Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering Co-Supervised with Dr. Ken McIsaac

Mary Kerrigan

M.Sc. Geography/Planetary Science Co-Supervised with Dr. Marco Van De Weil

Marianne Mader

Ph.D. Geology/Planetary Science

Haley Sapers

Ph.D. Geology/Planetary Science Co-Supervised with Dr. Neil Banerjee

Bhairavi Shankar

Ph.D. Geology/Planetary Science

Alyssa Gilbert

CPSX Outreach Coordinator Curriculum Vitae

Jen Heidenheim

CPSX Administrative Coordinator Professional Activities Financial Administration Communication Website Maintenance Event Planning

Adam Coulter

M.Sc. Geology

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