I consider teaching an integral and enjoyable part of my work as a professor. I firmly believe that students should be actively involved in the learning process. This approach involves developing research skills through field experiences and guided research projects as part of coursework. Indeed, it is often easier to visualize complex geological problems by seeing the actual rocks themselves, whether it be under a microscope or in the field, than trying to understand often abstract ideas in a book or on a computer screen. I also believe that enthusiasm for subject matter is as important as the subject matter itself in facilitating student learning. Please see below for a list of the courses that I have developed and/or taught here at Western.

Earth Sciences 1023 – Planet Earth: Shaken and Stirred.

Earth Sciences 2123 – The Dynamic Earth.

Earth Sciences 2232 – Exploring the Planets.

Earth Sciences 2250 – Introductory Field Mapping Techniques.

Earth Sciences 4001 – Planetary Science Field School.


PLANETSC 9601 – Impact Cratering: Processes and Products.

PLANETSC 9602/3 – Planetary Science Short Course.

PLANETSC 9604 – Impact Cratering Short Course and Field Training Program.

PLANETSC 9605 – Planetary Surface Processes Field School.