Department: Graduate Student

Denise Anders

M.Sc. Geology/Planetary Science

Michael Craig

M.Sc. Geology/Planetary Science Co-Supervised with Dr. Robert Flemming

Mary Kerrigan

M.Sc. Geography/Planetary Science Co-Supervised with Dr. Marco Van De Weil

Marianne Mader

Ph.D. Geology/Planetary Science

Adam Coulter

M.Sc. Geology

Ryan Schwegman

M.Sc. Geology/Planetary Science Co-supervised with Dr. Livio Tornabene

Annemarie Pickersgill

M.Sc. Geology/Planetary ScienceCo-supervised with Dr. Roberta Flemming

Bianca D’Aoust

MSc Geology and Planetary Science, Western University Co-supervised with Dr. Livio Tornabene and Dr. Gordon Osinski

Jon O’Callaghan

M.Sc in Geology

Taylor Haid

M.Sc. Geology/Planetary Science

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