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Bianca D’Aoust

Job Title

MSc's thesis title: Morphologic, structural and spectral mapping of fractured-massive bedrock in crater central uplifts on Mars


BSc's thesis title: Sedimentological and water geochemistry analyses of the active layer and near-surface permafrost at the Vittrekwa     Basin, Northwest Territories






Geology, Tebesjuak Lake, Nunavut; Peterson, T D; Scott, J M J; Lecheminant, A N; Chorlton, L B; D'Aoust, B M A. Geological Survey of Canada, Canadian Geoscience Map 158, (ed. prelim.), 2014, ; 1 sheet, doi:10.4095/293892. 

Commission géologique du Canada, Carte géoscientifique du Canada 158, 2014; 1 feuille, doi:10.4095/293892

Abstracts: D’Aoust B., 1, Tornabene L.L., Osinski G.R., McEwen A. S. (2014).

Morphologic and structural mapping of massive-fractured bedrock in crater central uplifts on Mars.Eight International Conference on Mars, abstract # 1351 (poster).


Degrees Obtained

Degrees obtained: BSc with Honours in Physical Geography, University of Ottawa

Awards & Scholarships

Awards & Scholarships: 2014-2015 Schmeelk Foundation Scholarship