New research published on the Sudbury impact structure

A major focus for my group over the past 5 years has been understanding the origin, emplacement, and economic significance of “offset dykes” and “Sudbury Breccia” within the Sudbury impact structure. Through a collaboration with Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. PhD student Eric Pilles (now a post-doc in my group) has published two papers on offset dykes:

The Pele Offset Dykes, Sudbury impact structure, Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. Available here.

Chemical variations and genetic relationships between the Hess and the Foy Offset Dikes at the Sudbury impact structure. Meteoritics & Planetary Sciences. Available here.

Then in collaboration with Vale, MSc student Jon O’Callaghan has published a paper on the Sudbury Breccia:

Contrasting mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of Sudbury breccia adjacent to footwall Cu-Ni-PGE sulfide in the Creighton and Coleman Deposits. Canadian Mineralogist. Available here.

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