Two new articles in Meteoritics & Planetary Science

Two new articles have just been published online in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science. The first, led by former MSc student Annemarie Pickersgill, is entitled “Shock effects in plagioclase feldspar from the Mistastin Lake impact structure, Canada”. It provides a detailed study of shock effects in plagioclase feldspar, a poorly understood mineral, but which is common in the Solar System. The second study is led by PhD student Denise Anders and is entitled “The Basal Onaping Intrusion in the North Range: Roof rocks of the Sudbury Igneous Complex”. In this study, we propose for the first time that an enigmatic rock unit at the Sudbury impact structure – the Basal Onaping Intrusion – is in fact the roof rocks of the Sudbury Igneous Complex. Both articles are currently listed in the “early view” section of Meteoritics & Planetary Science and will be published in print soon in a forthcoming issue.

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