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Michael Zanetti

Previous Student
University of Western Ontario
Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration
Dept. of Earth Sciences
Co-Supervisor: Catherine Neish



Biological and Geological Sciences 0175b
phone: 519-661-2111 x 81404

Job Title
Research Interest

Mobile LiDAR scanning, remote-sensing, Impact Cratering, Lunar Geology and Geomorphology, Mars Geomorphology, Periglacial processes

Planetary Mission Experience (including analog missions):
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera Science Team member (2009 - present)
NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI) Field Investigations to Enable Solar System Science and Exploration (FINESSE) field team member (2016 - present)
NASA Robotic Mining Competition - WUSTL team leader and chief designer (2013 – 2015)
Meteor Crater Field Training and Research Program participant (2010) and teaching assistant (2014)
NASA Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts-Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) competition: Lunar base design in Permanently Shadowed Regions (2012)
NASA-JPL Planetary Science Summer School (2011)
Mistastin Lake Impact Structure: A geological analogue for lunar highland craters and analog lunar sample return mission scenario (2011)
Svalbard Permafrost Landforms as Analogs for Mars (SPLAM) team member (2008, 2009)

Successful Proposals
NRCan - GEM - Multidisciplinary grant ($15,000) - Guidebook for Creating 3D visual and physical models
NSERC Engage ($25,000 - coauthored) - Mobile and Tripod LiDAR Scanning in the Canadian High Arctic. Industry Collaborator: Teledyne Optech
NRCan - GEM - Geoscience ($250,000 - coauthored) - Age and Distribution of Rae Craton Archean Rocks on Devon and Ellesmere Islands
German Space Agency - TANDEM-X Radar DEMs - 3 separate competitive data acquisition grants for Devon Island, Axel Heiberg Island, and various terrestrial impact craters


M. Zanetti, A. Stadermann, B. Jolliff, C. H. van der Bogert, H. Hiesinger, T. Kruger, J. Plescia, (2017). Evidence for Self-Secondary Cratering on Copernican Crater Ejecta Blankets. Icarus. DOI: 10.1016/j.icarus.2017.01.030

M. Zanetti (2017). Lunar Impact Cratering Ejecta Processes. In: B. Cudnik (ed.), Encyclopedia of Lunar Science. Springer. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319.

Nicholas E. Timms, Timmons M. Erickson, Michael R. Zanetti, Mark A. Pearce, Cyril Cayron, Aaron J. Cavosie, Steven M. Reddy, Axel Wittmann, Paul K. Carpenter (2017). Cubic zirconia in >2370 °C impact melt records Earth's hottest crust, In Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 477, 2017, Pages 52-58, ISSN 0012-821X,

A. Grau Galofre, A. M. Jellinek. G. R. Osinski, M. Zanetti, and A. Kukko (2018). Subglacial drainage patterns of Devon Island, Canada: Detailed comparison of river and tunnel valleys. Cryosphere (in proof)

C. Neish, R. Herrick, M. Zanetti, D. Smith (2017). The role of pre-impact topography in impact melt emplacement on terrestrial planets. Icarus. Vol 297, Pages 240-251, ISSN 0019-1035,

N. Weitz, M. Zanetti, G.R. Osinski, J.L. Fastook (2017). Modeling concentric crater fill in Utopia Planitia, Mars, with an ice flow line model, Icarus, in press, ISSN 0019-1035,

Powell, K. E., R. E. Arvidson, M. Zanetti, E. A. Guinness, and S. L. Murchie (2017). The structural, stratigraphic, and paleoenvironmental record exposed on the rim and walls of Iazu Crater, Mars, J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 122, 1138–1156, doi:10.1002/2016JE005196.

C.H. van der Bogert, H. Hiesinger, C.M. Dundas, T. Krüger, A.S. McEwen, M. Zanetti, M.S. Robinson (2017). Origin of discrepancies between crater size-frequency distributions of coeval lunar geologic units via target property contrasts, Icarus, Volume 298, Pages 49-63, ISSN 0019-1035,

N. Timms, T. M. Erickson, M. A. Pearce, A. J. Cavosie, M. Schmieder, E. Tohver, S. M. Reddy, M. R. Zanetti, A. A. Nemchin, A.Wittmann (2016). A pressure-temperature phase diagram for zircon at extreme conditions. Earth Science Reviews. Volume 165, February 2017, Pages 185-202, ISSN 0012-8252,

A. Morlok, A. Stojic, I. Webber, H. Hiesinger, M. Zanetti, J. Helbert, (2016). Mid-infrared bi-directional reflectance spectroscopy of impact melt glasses and tektites. Icarus 278, 162-179. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2016.06.013

K. Shirley, M. Zanetti, B. Jolliff, C. H. van der Bogert, H. Hiesinger, (2016). Crater Size-Frequency Distribution Measurements and Age Determination for the Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex. Icarus 273, 214-223.

A. Losiak, E.M. Wild, W.D. Geppert, M.S. Huber, A. Joeleht, A. Kriiska, A. Kulkov, K.Paavel, I. Pirkovic, J. Plado, P. Steier, R. Välja, J. Wilk, T. Wisniowski, M. Zanetti. (2016). Dating a small impact crater: an Age of Kaali Crater (Estonia) 1 based on Charcoal emplaced within Proximal Ejecta. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 51, 4, 681-695. DOI: 10.1111/maps.12616

M. Zanetti. (2015).  Investigating the Complexity of Impact Crater Ejecta (2015). Ph.D. Dissertation. Washington University in St Louis. //

A. Johnsson, D. Reiss, E. Hauber, H. Hiesinger, M. Zanetti. (2014). Evidence for very recent melt-water and debris flow activity in gullies in a young mid-latitude crater on Mars. Icarus, 235, 37-54. Doi: 10.1016/j.icarus.2014.03.005.

S. J. Robbins, I. Antonenko, M. R. Kirchoff, C. R. Chapman, C. I. Fassett, R. R. Herrick, K. Singer, M. Zanetti, C. Lehan, D. Huang, P. L. Gay. (2014). The variability of crater identification among expert and community crater analysts. Icarus, 234, 109.

A. Johnsson, D. Reiss, E. Hauber, M. Zanetti, H. Hiesinger, L. Johansson, M. Olvmo, (2012). Periglacial mass-wasting landforms on Mars suggestive of transient liquid water in the recent past: Insights from solifluction lobes on Svalbard. Icarus, icarus.2011.12.021

M. Willmes, D. Reiss, H. Hiesinger, M. Zanetti, (2012). Surface age of the ice-dust mantle deposit in Malea Planum, Mars. P&SS, 60, 1, p. 199–206. doi:10.1016/j.pss.2011.08.006

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D. Reiss, M. Zanetti, G. Neukum. (2011). Multi-temporal observations of identical active dust devils on Mars with the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) and Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC). Icarus, 215, 1, p. 358-369.

E. Hauber, D. Reiss, M. Ulrich, F. Preusker, F. Trauthan, M. Zanetti, H. Hiesinger, R. Jaumann, L. Johansson, A. Johnsson, M. Olvmo, A.E. Carlsson, H.A.B. Johansson, S. McDaniel, (2009). Periglacial landscapes on Svalbard: terrestrial analogues for cold-climate landforms on Mars. Geological Society of America. Special Paper: v.483 Analogs for Planetary Exploration. p. 177-201. doi: 10.1130/2011.2483(12)

D. Reiss, E. Hauber, H. Hiesinger, R. Jaumann, F. Trauthan, F. Preusker, M. Zanetti, M. Ulrich, A. Johnsson, L. Johansson, M. Olvmo, E. Carlsson, H.A.B. Johansson, and S. McDaniel. (2009). Terrestrial gullies and debris flows tracks on Svalbard as planetary analogs for Mars. Geological Society of America. Special Paper: v.483 Analogs for Planetary Exploration. p. 165-175. 10.1130/2011.2483(11)

M. Zanetti, H. Hiesinger, D. Reiss, E. Hauber, G. Neukum, (2010). Distribution and evolution of scalloped terrain in the southern hemisphere, Mars. Icarus. doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2009.09.010

Recent Abstracts

M. Zanetti, H. Hiesinger, B. L. Jolliff. (2013) Mapping Aristarchus Crater: Geology, Geomorphology, and Pre-Impact Stratigraphy [#3114]

F. Baum and M. Zanetti. (2015) Streamlined Generalization Tool for Planetary Surface Mapping Using ArcGIS Modelbuilder Software on Multispectral Datasets. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX abstract [#1233].

A. Kukko, H.Kaartinen, J. Hyyppä, M. Zanetti. (2015) Backpack Personal Laser Scanning System for Grain-Scale Topographic Mapping. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX abstract [#2407].

M. Zanetti, C. Neish, B-H. Choe, J. Heldmann, and the SSERVI FINESSE Team. (2016) Mapping fresh lava flows with multi-wavelength radar imagery in support of planetary analogue studies. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX abstract [#2429].

Degrees Obtained

Ph.D. 2015 - Planetary Science - Washington University in St Louis
M. A. 2012 - Planetary Science - Washington University in St Louis
M.Sc. 2011 – Geowissenschaften (Geoscience) Westfälische Wilhelms - Universität Münster, Germany        
B.Sc. 2006 - Earth Science (Geology) Central Connecticut State University 

Awards & Scholarships

•       Lawrence Haskin Memorial Fellowship – Washington University in St Louis and the McDonnell Center for Space Sciences (3 years)
•       Barringer Family Fund for Meteorite Impact Research (2011), $4000 
•       LPSC/LPI Career Development Award (2012), $1000
•       Shoemaker Impact Cratering Award (2013), $2500
•       Mineralogical Society of America (MSA) Grant for Student Research in Mineralogy and Petrology (2013), $5000
•       Meteoritical Society student travel grant (2014), $1500
•       Central States Microscopy and Microanalysis Society (2015), $1000
•       Microscopy and Microanalysis Society Presidential Scholar Award (2015), $1000