Connect To Haughton Server – Mount Network Drive To Desktop (On Western PCs)

On your PC, right click on “This PC” or “My Computer”


Type in the the following into the Folder dialog box, replacing “folder_name” with the folder you want to map. This could be your root folder that all your stuff is stored and backed up or it could be one of the shared folders.

Make sure the “Connect using different credentials” is checked off. 

The Drive letter can be anything you want. I would recommend you check the boxes to
“Reconnect at sign-in”


Enter your credentials for the Haughton server and NOT the username and password for the computer.

Ensure “Remember my credentials” is checked on.


You should then see the folder load containing the content of the drive you just mounted.

You will be able to access the drive through the “Computer” area. The same place you would find USB drives or the local hard drive.