Canada’s new Space Advisory Board

I am very happy and honoured to be a member of the Government of Canada’s new Space[…]

New paper: Systematic curve fitting of spectra

Check out this new paper by recently graduated PhD student Michael McCraig: “Fitting the curve in Excel®:[…]

Could evidence of life on Mars be found in a crater?

One of the main areas of research for my group is the beneficial effects of meteorite impacts.[…]

Polar Knowledge blog article published on Tunnunik research

Canadian Geographic have published a nice blog article here about our research at the Tunnunik impact structure,[…]

New Paper: Microbial Diversity of Impact-Generated Habitats

Congratulations to former PhD student and post-doc Alexandra Pontefract on the publication of a new paper entitled[…]

New Paper: Reconstructing the Geochemical Signature of Sudbury Breccia, Ontario, Canada

Congratulations to Jon O’Callaghan, who completed his MSc last month, on the publication of his first MSc[…]

New paper: SHARAD detection and characterization of subsurface water ice deposits in Utopia Planitia, Mars

It’s a pleasure to announce the publication of a new paper in the journal Geophysical Research Letters[…]

New paper: Shatter Cones published in Science Advances

I am pleased to announce that on August 5th, a new paper on shatter cones was published[…]

Heading to the Haughton impact structure, Nunavut

Over the weekend, myself and 12 others will be travelling north via Ottawa and Iqaluit to Resolute[…]

Featured in an NSERC PromoScience video

As most people know, pubic education and outreach is one of my big passions! I’ve received funding[…]

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