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Nikol Posnov

Job Title
(Working) Thesis Title

Colonization of Shocked Basalt from Vargeão Dome and Vista Alegre, Brazil: Implications for the Search of Life on Mars.

Research Interest
  • Investigation of microbial colonization in impact-generated terrestrial basaltic targets.  
  • Relationship between biomass and shock levels in basalts.
  • Efficacy of shocked impact craters as a potential habitat and how it may relate to the origin and evolution of life.
Degrees Obtained

B.Sc Medical Science with Geology minor, University of Western Ontario (2018)

Awards & Scholarships
  • Mineralogical Association of Canada Undergraduate Student Award
  • Undergraduate Pre-thesis Award, Faculty of Science, University of Western Ontario
  • Charles. A. Southworth Memorial Prize in Paleontology, Department of Earth Science, University of Western Ontario