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Neeraja Chinchalkar

Research Interest
Impact cratering, ejecta emplacement, shock metamorphism
Current Focus
Shock metamorphism in impact glass from the West Clearwater impact structure
Research and Travel Grants

GSA On to The Future Travel Grant for OTF Alumni for the 2020 Regional Meeting NE/SE section

GSA Pathways Travel Grant for OTF Alumni for the GSA Annual Meeting, Arizona, 2019

Barringer Family Fund for Meteorite Impact Research, 2018

Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Research Grant, 2018

Barringer Crater Company travel grant for 81st Meteoritical Society Meeting, Moscow,2018

NASA travel grant for 81st Meteoritical Society Meeting, Moscow, 2018

Geosciences Advisory Board Research and Travel Grants, Auburn University, 2018, 2019

GSA On to The Future Travel Grant for the GSA Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, 2018

College of Science and Mathematics (COSAM) Travel Grant, Auburn University, 2018

Recent Abstracts

Montalvo, P.E., Chinchalkar, N.S. and King, D.T. Jr. (2019): Field Survey of Enigmatic Boulders Within Interior Diamicton at The Wetumpka Impact Structure, Alabama (USA), Large Meteorite Impacts VI.

Kring, D.A., Angotti,L., Bouchard, M., Byron, B., Chinchalkar,N.S., De Graff, S., Déhais, T., Glaspie,L., Hedgepeth, J., Hughes, M., Kaskes, P., MacArthur, J., McGregor, M., Ross, C., Stacey, K., Suarez, S., Verhagen, C., Erickson, T.M. (2019): Traces of Fallback Breccia On the Rim of Barringer Meteorite Crater (A.K.A. Meteor Crater), Arizona. 50th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Chinchalkar N.S. and King D.T. Jr (2018): Wetumpka Impact Structure, Alabama: Large Oriented Boulders In An Interior Diamicton, The Geological Society of America 130th Annual Meeting.

Chinchalkar N.S., Hames W.E. and King D.T. Jr. (2018): Shock Effects in Mica and Rutile from Impact Breccia Matrix, Wetumpka Impact Crater, Alabama, 81st annual meeting of the Meteoritical Society.

Chinchalkar N.S. and Duraiswami R.A. (2018): Quenched morphologies in impact glass from Lonar crater, India: role of water? 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

King D.T., Petruny L.W., DeMarchi L., Chinchalkar N.S. and Adams M.C. (2018): Sub-crater breccias, Flynn Creek impact structure, Tennessee, 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Degrees Obtained

M.S. Geology: Auburn University, August 2019

Thesis Title: Provenance of a boulder-bearing impact breccia from surface outcrops and a drill-core from the Wetumpka Impact Structure, Elmore County, Alabama.

M.Sc. Geology: Savitribai Phule Pune University (Formerly University of Pune), May 2017

Thesis Title: Characterization of ejecta and products of shock metamorphism from Lonar Crater, India.

B.Sc. Geology: Fergusson College, May 2015