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Arya Bina

M.Sc Geology and Planetary Science

(Working) Thesis Title

 Periglacial Landscape of Utopia Planitia, Mars: Insight into the Climate History of the Late Amazonian Period 

Thesis Description

Mars is a geologically active planet, with a dynamic surface that has been continuously evolving since its inception. Notable events such as the late heavy bombardment and formation of widespread valley networks in the Noachian period, and extensive volcanism that continued to the late Amazonian period, constantly reshaped its landscapeto what it is today. Currently, the interminable evolution of the landscape of Mars is limited to, mainly, impact cratering, aeolian reworking, glacial/periglacial processes, and mass-wasting/gully-related activities. Among this list, periglacial and glacial processes remain a highly controversial topic, as the role and significance of water on the, past or present, surface evolution of Mars is greatly disputed. To further investigate the claims on the climate history and landscape evolution of Mars within the Late Amazonian period, particularly the northern plains, I have chosen a study area in Utopia Planitia and aim to infer a landscape evolution process or set of processes that are in-sync with the features observed within this landscape. I recognize and advocate that morphological analysis is a reliable step when uncertain about the genetic nature of a landscape, and therefore; my analysis will heavily rely on interpreted geomorphology and statistical surveys via high-resolution remotely sensed imagery such as HiRISE.


Recent Abstracts

Bina, A. et al.(2017), LPSC XLVIIIAbstract#2856 

Degrees Obtained

M.Sc Geology & Planetary Science
University of Western Ontario
London, ON
(Expected) Summer of 2018

Hon. B.Sc Earth and Environmental Sciences
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON
May, 2016