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Interviewed live on CTV Morning Live

I recently had the opportunity to appear on the CTV Morning Live show in Ottawa on November[…]

Celebrating recent student successes

We’ve had a string of recent successes in the group in recent weeks. Congratulations to Zachary (Zach)[…]

New morphological mapping and interpretation of ejecta deposits from Orientale Basin on the Moon

Congrats to PhD student Zach Morse whose paper on the Orientale Basin on the Moon has just[…]

New paper: SHARAD detection and characterization of subsurface water ice deposits in Utopia Planitia, Mars

It’s a pleasure to announce the publication of a new paper in the journal Geophysical Research Letters[…]

Heading to the Haughton impact structure, Nunavut

Over the weekend, myself and 12 others will be travelling north via Ottawa and Iqaluit to Resolute[…]

Featured in an NSERC PromoScience video

As most people know, pubic education and outreach is one of my big passions! I’ve received funding[…]

Two post-docs moving on to new positions

Congratulations to Raymond Francis and Alexandra Pontefract who are moving on to prestigious positions in the US.[…]

Featured in London Community News article

Delighted to have been featured in an article in the London Community News on my work in[…]

HiRISE article about Dr. Livio Tornabene

Dr. Livio Tornabene, a research scientist in my group, is featured here in a great article by[…]

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