Axel Noblet

Thesis Topic:

I study periglacial landforms on Mars, using Earth’s polar Arctic regions as an analog. I focus on Martian landforms named gullies that are interpreted to have been formed geologically recently by the flow of liquid water and / or the sublimation of CO₂ frost on the surface.

Current Degree:

  • Ph.D. Student in Geology, University of Western Ontario

Past Degrees:

  • M.Sc Earth and Planetary Sciences, Nantes Université (2017-2019)
  • B.Sc (Honours) Geology, Université de Bretagne Occidentale (2014-2017) division

Selected Publications and Web Resources

A. Noblet, S.J. Conway, G.R. Osinski. A global map of gullied hillslopes on Mars. Icarus, Volume 418, 2024.
Axel Noblet. The Jezero Crater Western Delta, Mars. Planetary Geomorphology Image of the Month. Link.
Axel Noblet, Gwénaël Caravaca, Stéphane Le Mouélic, Marion Massé, Nicolas Mangold. HAL, 2020 Morpho-stratigraphic map of Jezero crater landing area. Link.