Alister Cunje


Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Science Team Co-I on the Canadian Lunar Rover Mission


  • 2022 Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
    • Advisor: Dr. Andrew Dombard
    • Thesis: Impact Craters Large and Small: Exploring Target Environments on Mars, the Moon, and Europa
    • Geospatial Analysis and Visualization (GSAV) Campus Certificate, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs
  • 2016 M.Sc., Earth Sciences, University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Toronto, ON, Canada
    • Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Ghent
    • Thesis: Dielectric Properties of Martian Soil Analogs and Smectite Clays
  • 2015 H.B.Sc., Planetary Science, University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Toronto, ON, Canada
    • Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Ghent
    • Thesis: Caloris basin, Mercury: History of Deformation from an Analysis of Tectonic Features


  • Cunje, A.B., Dombard, A.J., Noe Dobrea, E.Z. (2023) Small Crater Relaxation and Ice Abundance at High Northern Latitudes on Mars. Icarus, 400; 115578.
  • Cunje, A.B., Dombard, A.J., Ghent, R.R. (2023) Investigating the Relaxation of Small Craters Emplaced on Solidified Melt Sheets on the Moon. Icarus, 398; 115532.
  • Cosciotti, B., Mattei, E., Brin, A., Lauro, S.E., Stillman, D., Cunje, A., Hickson, D., Caprarelli, G., Pettinelli. (2023) Can clay mimic the high reflectivity of briny water below the Martian SPLD? JGR Planets, 128(3); e2022JE007513.
  • Pasterski, M.J., Bellagamba, A., Chancellor, S., Cunje, A., Dodd, E., Gefeke, K., Hsieh, S., Schassburger, A., Smith, A., Tucker, W., Plotnick, R.E. (2020) Aquatic landscape change, extirpations, and introductions in the Chicago Region. Urban Ecosystems, 23: 1277 – 1288.
  • Hickson, D., Boivin, A.L., Daly, M.G., Ghent, R.R., Nolan, M.C., Tait, K., Cunje, A.B, Tsai, C-A. (2018) Near surface bulk density estimates of NEAs from radar observations and permittivity measurements of powdered geologic material. Icarus, 306; 16-24.
  • Boivin, A.L., Hickson, D., Tsai, C., Cunje, A., Ghent, R.R., Daly, M.G. (2018) Broadband Measurements of the Complex Permittivity of Carbonaceous Asteroid Regolith Analog Materials. JGR Planets, 123(12); 3088-3104.
  • Cunje, A.B., Ghent, R.R. (2016) Caloris basin, Mercury: History of deformation from an analysis of tectonic landforms. Icarus, 268; 131-144.