Alexandra Pontefract

Ph.D. Geology/Planetary Science

Co-Supervised with Dr. Gordon Southam

Research Interest


Pontefract, A. and J.R. Stone. (2007). “Gradual Origin for the Metazoans: A Snowball’s Chance.” Planetary Systems and the Origins of Life. Cambridge University Press. pp. 210-221.

Recent Abstracts

Pontefract, A. and J.R. Stone. (2007). “Life on the Edge: A Study of Cryptobiosis in the Tardigrada.” Conference Abstract – 8th International ACUNS Conference – Saskatoon, SK.

Pontefract, A., Osinski, G.R., Cockell, C.S. and G. Southam. (2010). “Endolithic habitats in shocked gneisses from Haughton impact structure, Devon Island, Canada.”
Conference Abstract – Goldschmidt 2010 – Knoxville, TN.

Degrees Obtained

Awards & Scholarships