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Dr. Osinski is the NSERC/MDA/CSA/CEMI Industrial Research Chair in Earth and Space Exploration at the University of Western Ontario in the Department of Earth Sciences and Physics and Astronomy. He is also Acting Director of the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, Director of the Canadian Lunar Research Network, and Chair of the Planetary Sciences Division of the Geological Association of Canada.

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Lots of congratulations!

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It’s been a great month for my group, with several students winning awards: – Jonathan O’Callaghan has been awarded the G.G. Suffel Fellowship for Graduate Studies in Applied Economic Geology and a Society of Economic Geologists Fellowship. – Alex Pontefract has been awarded a Barringer Family Fund for Meteorite Impact Research grant. – Patrick Hill ...


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I’m happy to support and participate in the new Research2Reality initiative http://research2reality.com/. Check out my short interview entitled “Planetary Geologist shares what he’s learned about Earth by exploring outer space” here.

‘Tinkering club’ lets inquisitive spirits fly

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PhD student Marianne Mader has founded STEAMLabs with her husband, Andy Forest. STEAMLabs is a non-profit ‘makerspace’ dedicated to kids and adults who want a place where imagination comes out to play. Read the Western News article here. Congratulations Marianne on this fantastic achievement!

New funding received from the Canadian Space Agency

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Happy to announce some new funding – $200,000 over 2 years – from the Canadian Space Agency’s Science and Operational Applications Research (SOAR) program. The project is entitled “Application of RADARSAT-2 polarimetric SAR for geological mapping and resource exploration in the Canadian Arctic” and is a collaboration with Catherine Neish and Livio Tornabene from the Dept. of ...

Double honours for Dr. Osinski

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From the Faculty of Science: Double Honors – Gordon Osinski wins the Florence Bucke Award and the Mineralogical Association of Canada’s Young Scientist Award March 26, 2015   Gordon Osinski, Associate Professor, cross-appointed to the Departments of Earth Sciences and Physics & Astronomy, is the 2015 recipient of the Faculty of Science Florence Bucke Award ...

New Global Map of Gullies on Mars Published!

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Congrats to Tanya Harrison who has a new paper in Icarus entitled “Global Documentation of Gullies with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Context Camera and Implications for Their Formation”. This represents the most complete map of gullies on Mars ever produced! it is available online here and the abstract is below: Hypotheses ranging from fluvial processes ...

New publication – Revisiting the Rochechouart impact structure, France

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A paper by ex-PhD student and current post-doc, Haley Sapers, is featured in this month’s issue of Meteoritics and Planetary Science. In this paper we revisit the well known Rochechouart impact structure in France and show that despite many decades of study, there are still secrets to be revealed. The abstract is below:  The Rochechouart ...

Western space explorers ready to capture new images of the surface of Mars

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Led by my Research Scientist, Dr. Livio Tornabene, “A team of Western University space explorers are capturing new images of the surface of Mars with the largest telescope ever used for a deep space mission as part of the ongoing Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.” Western’s media release is here and a nice news story by CTV can be seen ...

New age dating of the Clearwater Lake impact structures – Not the binary asteroid impact it seems?

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I’m happy to be a co-author on a new paper published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, which provides some surprising new age data suggesting that the twin Clearwater Lakes impact structures are not the double impact that everybody has long thought they are. The title of the paper is “New 40Ar/39Ar dating of the Clearwater Lake ...

New article: Using Martian single and double layered ejecta craters to probe subsurface stratigraphy

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Congratulations to post-doc Eriita Jones for her paper that is now in press in Icarus entitled “Using Martian single and double layered ejecta craters to probe subsurface stratigraphy”. In this contribution, a subsurface layering model is developed to relate crater behaviour to physical characteristics of the subsurface, including grain size, cohesion, volatile content, and regional volatile ...

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